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  1. About A Dong Dental

Trải qua nhiều năm xây dựng và hoạt động, nha khoa Á Đông luôn nỗ lực không ngừng để đem đến cho khách hàng những dịch vụ hoàn hảo nhất. Không chỉ nằm ở kết quả mà Á Đông còn hướng tới thẩm mỹ khỏe – đẹp – an toàn để mỗi phút giây ngắm mình trong gương là những phút giây tận hưởng hạnh phúc thật sự của mỗi khách hàng.

The clinic is currently operating at 2 locations:

  • Branch 1: 234-236 Dien Bien Phu, hamlet 2, ward 6, Soc Trang City
  • Branch 2: 22A Tran Hung Dao, Soc Trang Vincom Plaza, Soc Trang City

During the operation, A Dong Dental always takes the satisfied smile and the absolute trust of customers as the guideline.

2. Why should you choose A Dong Dental

With 2 branches in Soc Trang city, A Dong Dental is proud to be a leading high-tech clinic, meeting all the needs of all customers across the city with many services, from general examination to cosmetic surgery. cosmetic porcelain teeth and orthodontics, especially Leetray Clear Aligner.

The clinic is spacious and friendly with high-class furniture, the treatment area always ensures aseptic factor, A Dong is one of the dentists with international standard facilities. At the same time, clinic always updates and applies the world's best and most modern aesthetic equipment and technologies into services. 

A Dong Dental gathers well-trained experts and doctors from famous domestic and abroad universities. In addition to the knowledge and skills in the profession, doctors always learn, make efforts and update the latest medical knowledge to bring customers the best results.

Therefore, A Dong Dental is one of the big and prestigious partners of Leetray. No need to worry about the geographical distance between Soc Trang and Ho Chi Minh City, if you want to join the Leetray team, visit A Dong Dental.

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