Actress Le Loc

When wearing clear aligner, I can still eat easily. Just simply removing the trays before eating and put it back on after cleaning my teeth. What I like the most is that no one will notice that I'm wearing braces unless I tell them

Actor Hai Nam

I am quite afraid that bracing will affect my work and daily life, but LEETRAY is really my savior. When filming or going to an event, no one knows that I'm wearing braces.

Singer Trau Gia Ky

For the first time, I experienced the comfort when bracing. LEETRAY clear aligners don't affect my singing or pronunciation, very comfortable so I keep wearing them all the time.

Singer Gia Khiem - Gia Huy

Since having LEETRAY clear aligner, I am much more confident, no need to make a "fake smile" anymore. The removal and cleaning the trays are also easy and quick, it doesn't take as much time as I thought.

Singer Bao Ngu

I choose LEETRAY clear aligner because the aligners are completely invisible, not exposed like traditional braces. Also when performing or singing, I smile more freely.

Actress Phuoc Hao

The reason I chose LEETRAY clear aligner is because of the high aesthetics, no one noticed that I was wearing the trays. When I go to film as well as perform, I still confidently smile and talk to everyone.

Singer Ngoc Giau

LEETRAY clear aligner is very comfortable, sometimes I forget that I am wearing braces. Now I smile more confidently than before thanks to LEETRAY.

Model Hong Nhung

The day I removed my braces, I was very surprised and excited because I didn't expect my treatment to end so quickly. And my teeth have also completely changed. I am extremely satisfied with my current smile.

Model Hai Ha

Friends and relatives all praise me for being more beautiful after braces. I am very pleased and happy. When anyone asked for the secret, I enthusiastically shared that I chose LEETRAY clear braces.

Customer My Hanh

LEETRAY clear aligner did not make me feel uncomfortable at all. I can still confidently laugh, talk, selfie with friends and what I like the most is that I can eat easily and comfortably. LEETRAY deserves a 10 mark.

Customer Ha Nhi

Bracing have helped me change a lot, not only owning a more beautiful smile, but now I can confidently communicate with people. Thank you LEETRAY!

Customer My Uyen

The first time I wore clear trays, I didn't even realize I was wearing them, it looked very natural and I felt comfortable.