Toan Cau Dental

  1. About Toan Cau Dental

Toan Cau Dental is known as one of the high-quality dentists in Ho Chi Minh City, always giving customers the best dental care services.

Location: 2 main branches

Branch 1: 389 To Ngoc Van, Tam Phu ward, Thu Duc City

Branch 2: 228 Hoa Hao, ward 3, district 10, HCMC

Toan Cau Dental has been affirming its prestige with customers. With the motto "Take care of Vietnamese smiles", the team of doctors and staffs here always want to meet all the needs of each customer.

2. Why should you choose Toan Cau Dental

Toan Cau Dental wants to be known for high quality dental services, modern equipment and a sterile environment, along with the professionalism and enthusiasm of doctors.

Toan Cau Dental is currently operating with a variety of services such as: general examination, cosmetic porcelain teeth, Implant and orthodontics. In particular, Leetray Clear Aligner service here is being trusted and chosen by many people.

Currently being one of Leetray's strategic partners, doctors here have received training certificates from Leetray. If you want to experience with Leetray trays but still concern about geographical distance, please visit Toan Cau Dental for peace of mind for treatment!

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