What is overbite? Causes, harms and treatment method?

Overbite is a malocclusion case that causes the upper and lower jaw to lose balance. Overbite affects chewing ability and facial aesthetics. To better understand this malocclusion as well as find the right treatment, readers can refer to the summary of experts' sharing through the article below. 

What is overbite? 

Overbite is a term used to describe malocclusion caused by an asymmetry between the two jaws. That is, the upper and lower jaws are not the same, the upper jaw will fold inward compared to the other. This condition can be found in both children and adults. 

The severity of the overbite is based on the ratio of the upper tooth surface to the opposite jaw. The higher the percentage, the more serious the overbite. Therefore, it is necessary to treat immediately to avoid negative effects on dental health. 

Features of identifying overbite

  • The correlation between 2 jaws does not reach the standard ratio. When the mouth is at rest, the upper jaw almost obscures the lower jaw, so the lower teeth are often invisible.
  • The lower teeth may or may not touch the upper teeth. If overbite is severe, the upper teeth will be in contact with the inner gum instead of the lower teeth.
  • Molar teeth are still in contact with each other, but the contact area is more or less dependent on the light or heavy overbite.
  • The line between the forehead - nose - chin can be straight or broken depending on each person's overbite level 


There are 3 main causes:

  • Genetic

If one parent has overbite, 70% of babies are born with this trait. 

  • Jaw bone

When the teeth and upper jaw bone grow too strong or the jaw bone is underdeveloped (or stops growing), it will lead to the lower jaw falling inward, causing cosmetic loss. 

  • Bad habit

Certain childhood habits that involve pushing the tongue against the back of the front teeth can cause overbite. These are: using a pacifier, a bottle for a long time, a habit of thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. If a child has had a genetic over bite, these bad habits can make the disease worse.

Some other causes: nail biting, excessive teeth grinding or sucking, biting hard objects such as pens at a growing age... can also lead to overbite.

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Is overbite dangerous?

Similar to other malocclusion conditions, overbite can also lead to some serious damage to dental health. Such as:

  • Aesthetic loss 

The protruded upper jaw covering the lower jaw will make the smile less charming and unnatural. At that time, the patient always feels self-deprecating, afraid in communication, making life and work difficult. 

  • Chewing function is decreased

The two jaws are hard to touch, making it difficult to bite and chew. Over time, it seriously affects the digestive system, causing diseases such as stomach pain, stomach ...

  • Upper teeth are worn

If not being treated early, overbite will cause enamel wear on the upper teeth. At that time, the dentin will be exposed causing sensitivity, pain when eating, dental hygiene.

  • Increasing risk of dental disease

When tooth enamel is worn away, bacteria will attack and cause dental diseases.

  • Temporomandibular joint injury

Overbite that takes place for a long time also causes temporomandibular joint disorders, jaw joint pain. 

Therefore, overbite treatment is extremely necessary. However, you should be careful when choosing clinic for treatment as well as an appropriate method to ensure good results and safety for health.

Remedies for overbite at home

The age of 6-13 years old is the right period to treat overbite at home for children. Because at this time, child's jawbone is still soft and not strong, so it can be adjusted easily without much effort. 

Parents can refer to the following ways:

  • Tongue thrusting

You can instruct your children to use the tongue to push continuously against the teeth and gums in the underdeveloped molars. 

Perform this operation about 10 minutes / time to improve baby teeth.

  • Trainer

Trainer is a very popular home orthodontic device for children today. This method uses aligners made of silicone or dental plastic that are designed to fit the teeth of each child. 

The doctor will examine and manipulate the trainer according to the child's tooth index and guide the child on how to wear at home. Usually, the trainer will be worn at night when sleeping to restore the occlusal and eliminate bad habits.

Effective and safe treatment method

Before treating overbite, the patient needs to perform some basic dental procedures to determine whether overbite is caused by the teeth or by the jawbone. From there, the doctor comes up with an appropriate treatment plan.

  • By teeth

If overbite is caused by teeth, doctor will consult patient to take orthodontics for the best result. 

Orthodontics is a solution that uses orthodontic appliances such as brackets, wires or clear aligners to move misaligned teeth to the correct position on the jaw. At the same time, it can create a balance and harmony for the upper and lower jaw. 

Treatment time can take about 1-2 years, can also be faster or longer depending on overbite level.

  • By jawbone

Overbite caused by the jaw bone is considered more serious than that caused by the teeth. At this time, bracing only partially meets, or sometimes do not work. 

With this condition, the doctor must surgically remove the upper jaw bone to push it back in and reshape it so that the ratio of the two jaws meets the standard. When the occlusal is balanced and harmonious, chewing ability and aesthetics will be restored. 

Leetray Clear Aligner - Solution for your smile

Orthodontics is currently a safe and effective solution for correcting overbite that is preferred by many people. However, metal bracing will become a major defect on the face, making some people feel less confident when communicating. Especially those who work in environments with high aesthetic requirements such as airlines, hotels, entertainment...

However, you do not need to worry too much, with clear aligner all obstacles, insecurity about exposed appliances will be thoroughly overcome. You can confidently smile, talk and communicate. 

Thanks to the transparent design, being crafted based on the individual teeth and embracing the crown, the clear tray will help "hide" perfectly that you are bracing and other person is difficult to detect. Moreover, the aligners are highly flexible, easily removable, bringing convenience in eating, living and dental hygiene. As a result, you can eat comfortably and effectively prevent dental diseases. 

Among the current clear aligner solutions, Leetray Clear Aligner is appreciated by many customers compared to others because of the following outstanding advantages:

  • The treatment cost of Leetray aligners is quite suitable for many customers, ranging from 30 to 80 million VND/case. While Invisalign is quite expensive, about 80-120 million/case. 
  • Similar to other clear aligners, Leetray treats all cases of teeth problems from simple to complex. Brings a beautiful smile and standard occlusal. 
  • The most outstanding feature of Leetray compared to Invisalign is that it can shorten the treatment time. Because the aligners are manufactured directly in Vietnam, without intermediaries and are closely supported by doctors 24/7, problems or troubles about the aligners will be promptly overcome, limiting waiting time. 

With the above advantages, Leetray clear aligner is gradually conquering a large number of customers who need to change their smile to become more confident. If you are also having problems with your occlusal, you can refer to this solution!

Does overbite treament hurt?

Does overbite treament hurt is a common question asked by many patients. Usually, orthodontics can cause pain and discomfort for patient in certain stages. Specifically, the first time when you are just starting to get acquainted with the braces or each time you change the wires, brackets or new trays. 

However, the pain will also quickly disappear as you gradually adjust. Moreover, if the patient feels the pain is too much to bear, the doctor will prescribe some supportive pain relievers. 


In order for overbite treatment process to be as effective as desired, you should note a few issues below: 

  • Proper dental care: During process, food is easy to get stuck, especially with brakets. If the hygiene is wrong, it will create an opportunity for bacteria to attack and cause dental diseases such as bad breath, gingivitis, periodontitis ...
  • Reasonable diet: you should regularly add nutritious foods to promote health. Limit using tough, hard foods or carbonated drinks... to avoid affecting treatment time as well as the strength of teeth later. 
  • Re-examination: Follow the schedule of follow-up visits as advised by your doctor once a month while wearing bracing or every 6 months after removing brace to detect and promptly handle forming dental diseases.

Clinics which have Leetray Clear Aligner method in Ho Chi Minh City

In fact, there are many cases where patients encounter overbite that is worse than the original. This is largely due to the use of unsecured orthodontic services at a less-than-reputable clinic and a team of unskilled doctors. Therefore, to ensure the best results, you need to think carefully before deciding where to correct overbite. 

Curently, Leetray clear aligner Currently, Leetray Clear Aligner is highly appreciated by customers for quality, safety and aesthetics. This method has been present in more than 150 large and small clinics in 20 provinces and cities nationwide.

With Leetray, teeth with many defects will quickly become beautiful and natural, contributing to each person's smile. 

If you still have any questions, please contact us immediately to receive answers soon!

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